Saturday, January 2, 2016


Not far in the past the organizations started realising that pricing is a very crucial factor in the Indian economy and started working on backend process to reduce costs/process improvements/efficiency improvements. At the same organizations also started coining a new jargon to Expel People from Organization. This jargon is famously quoted as "CULTURALLY MISFIT".

While the intention of introducing such jargons by top management in organizations was Noble, people/managers started interpreting this the wrong way. Managers have started misusing such tools for targetting people who do not align with their thought process and in the process branding individuals as "CULTURALLY MISFIT". So anyone, who does not align with their bosses thought process is immediately seen as a Misfit. Of course the case would be different if the manager appreciates such thought process.

The beauty of this jargon is, it is highly subjective and can be interpreted anyway which would suite a situation or individual. And the worst part is that the individual who is branded does not have a say in this regard. He is a mere spectator, and he is being judged based other individuals feedback (usually the manager).

With organizations hiring people from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicity to boost their revenues (Organizations hire because they see a potential in the individual to develop business or add money to the organization – And DO NOT BELIEVE that they hire to maintain cultural diversity and all such nonsense. Paying salary is not charity, it is business), they fail to understand the repercussions and the trauma that an individual goes through when they are branded as CULTURALLY MISFIT.

While i agree that Organizations cannot change their thought process for an individual, but are organizations so self involved that they cannot appreciate an individual for being different. Are organization culture so rigid that they turn into religious radicals and outcast and brand individuals who are not part of their culture. Of course religious radicals have the courage to accept what they do, but organizations hide behind jargons like "Culturally Misfit" for their actions.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Driving in Mumbai......

Well i was amused the way people drive in mumbai. I have drove in many cities and towns in india including all metros but mumbai stands out. Its not that i am driving it for the first time in mumbai, i had driven here some time in 2003, but a loet has chaged since then.
My comments/observations could apply for other cities in india also.
Like most people believe, it is wrong to assume that all people who are drive are rash or senseless. It is one or 2 drivers on the road who play the spoilsport. I have almost observed this everyday while i travel to office and back home on the busy western highway.
Who doesn't want to reach the destination first, everyone does but should it be at the cost of others, i dont believe that should be. But yes that is the case that happens, everyone is trying to overtake the other person, everyone is shouting at the other person, etc.. finally no one has respect for the other person.
A person riding a bicycle, shows his hand and starts taking a turn or joins a busy traffic road(99% of the time he doesn't show any signal) and expects the person travelling at a speed of 40-50-60 kmph to slow down or stop for him and the entire chain fo cars to follow. Is his expectation high or mine. Why should i stop for some one who just wants to cross the road, i pay a hefty amount as ROAD TAX and i have the right to drive on the road as long as i follow the rules. Does the bicycle person or the person crossing the road pay a tax like this, the answer is NO, but still i am exptected to stop. Even the co travellers or cops on the road blame the driver in the car for rash driving even if there is no fault of the driver. I am not saying that the driver is never of fault, he is many of the times, but the remaining accidents or road blocks could be avoided if the other person is cautious. But no, he will not, as if the person who has a car has done the greatest sin fo purchasing a car/bike/truck etc..
I am stopping this right here as i have no words to write about these issues.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I was going through some of the bolgs i follow and was amazed to see that people pne down every thought of theirs. I am not commenting on it in the wrong way, but i am getting inspired by their work.
I used to believe that people dont share much of their thoughts but i was proved wrong. Kudos to the blogging community which helps so many to share their feelings.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


From the past few months i was thinking to write a blog on this, but couldnt find the time. Now since i have some time let me pen down some thought i hav about indian politics...

Indian Politics, should i give an introduction to this topic, i dont think so. With the Lok Sabha Elections round the corner, and the Media having enough coverage, even an insane person would know that the elections are here with every political party throwing dirt on each other and every political party making huge promises for the public, trying teir level best to come into power and ruin, mind you not rule, the next few years of the country. The situation is even worse i Andhra Pradesh. This special mention of AP is because i hail from that state and watch the news regularly to catch a glimpse of the happenings of the state. Currently there is nothing but politics in the news and each channel particularly favoring a political party, they use all kinds of funny animations to make fun of the non favoring party......GROW up MEDIA, dont make a mockery of yourselfs...

Now coming to the national politics, i have always been opposed to congress, because of the leadership...Come on people with a population of more than a Billion and a history of more than 60 years, dont we have one able political leader to take the leadership of the party....I am opposed only because of the following reasons,
1. She did not apply for the citizenship after marriage, she took the citizenship only after she was electeed for the leadership post
2. what background does she have to become a leader, is it only that the bloodline should become the leaders, comeon people, if this how the country is to be run then please i would be happy if the British would come and make us slaves again, atleast then we would unit again and a true leader would emerge.
Who will be willing to join politics if only bloodlines would end up as leaders, but pray that would be born in the bloodline...HOPE One billiion people pray and their wishes be granted.:)

Back to another national party, are they insane, an 80+ person, i would not consider him as a candidate, claims that he is ready to lead the country, to where. This very same people put down rules that another fellow citizen of the country should retire after 60 years of age. Is it a joke that a person who is 70+ decides that a person above 60+ should not be involved in service.
If people will continue as leader till they reach 80,,90 and 100, then when will the younger generation take the responsibility, when they reach that same age. Going by the statistis, the current generation has an average life of 65 only.

One thing what i liked about Rahul, is that he did not take the responsibility when given, he took his time and still is not actively involved in the dirty politics. He is learing and soon he will be the leader. 2 resons why i am saying this:
1. Bloodline
2. He has learnt the politics

HOPE is all i carry, though it doesnt make a difference to many politicians not the public, but still as a right i have highlighted my concerns.

Continuing my remarks about movies

Continuing my remarks about movies.......
After many failures watching some pathetic movies, i finally decided not to risk by going to a Hindi movie and went for a English movie, titled "Pink Panther - 2"...
The movie was a utter time pass, for people who just want to have some fun then there could be no better movie right now to watch. Steve Martin, not a his best though but tried his level best to add humor to the movie. The movie was simply not so superb, but full time pass...

I was expecting some great performances from Aish, and was highly disappointed by her role and performance. Aish, hitting on Steve, never expected that, but still she made it so obvious in her acting that she almost mae it clear that she was upto something...

Contradictory to what we see of her in indian movies, where Indian heros (young) run around her, she was hitting on a 50+ actor, thats some thing strange. She always looked fair and i think the indian directors made it a point to make her look fair, but again contradicting to that, she appeared dark in complexion, but none the less, she was H.O.T. It was really hard to keep the eyes off her, and i would suggest(though my opinion doesnt matter) that she continue with that complexion. I never liked that way she appears, FAIR, but in this movie she was dark and hmm...

All together it was a fun movie and hope more movies like this are yet to come..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hindi Movies

Man it was really tough sitting through that movie.....It was saturday evening when i had visited a mall in the suburbs and suddenly decided to go for a movie.....I still curse for choosing to watch a hindi movie.....
i am not avert to watching hindi movies, i am fan of hindi movies and have almost all movies that were released till late 90's. then i stopped watching hindi movies. the reasons are many. too long to watch, vulgarity, no sense in the movie and so on...
In the past few years i have become very choosy about watching hindi movies and would watch it only after many people have given their reviews....
but this time i went to watch a movie just for fun and i was really upset the way the movie went about....i really hated the movie not because of the story or the songs or anything else, just for the reason, the way the indians were treated(yes the movie is Chandni Chowk to China)...come on people wake up, we are no longer slaves and every indian is proud to an indian. the was they showed that indians are miserable and cannot fight back, please spare me. we have a history of thousands of years, we have fought for what we are right now and potraying indian in such a bad light was really disheartening. here on one side we are showing the world that we are no less to any one and on the other hand we have movies potraying us a fools......i dont have any words to appreciate the director, actors/actresses who had accepted to don these roles.....
I, being an indian felt really offended the way the movie was shot or the sequences....I am an Indian and am proud to be an Indian......its a humble request to all directors, if u cannot show good of an indian then atleast dont show them in the bad light.....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its been a tough week not only for me but for millions of Indians and all I can do is convey my condolences. Everybody is talking about what has happened? But why is that not one is talking about what had happened before the unfortunate event that shook India by a stride. Who is responsible for this and how could they have planned so well without getting noticed. We seriously need to understand there is a loop hole some where in our system. I am not just saying it nor blaming the government for what happened. Who could have anticipated such a tragedy. I don’t think just because some of the Ministers have resigned, what had happened would be forgotten. I challenge openly irrespective of which government this event would have happened and no one person could be blamed for it, so why play the blame game? Is politics trying to get the most of this, if so please I request the politicians to be away from this.

This is time where we as Indians should raise our voice as one and fight terrorism. It is not time to take hasty decisions neither are we going to sit down and just mourn. The people behind this should be punished and punished they will be. We should stop looking for support from other countries to fight terrorism. We are a country of more than a billion and this country has produced the best brains of the world. We have the strength and the courage to fight terrorism and we will fight it. Stop making this terrorist strike a political issue, it is an internal matter of India and we should solve it by ourselves. I do understand that a lot of foreigners have lost their lives in this tragedy and we mourn for their loses, but I still consider it as an internal affair of ours and we will strike at those who caused this.

The press has done a brilliant job, but I have to say this, they have created more panic in the society in general. This is by my own personal experience. My family members were so worried that they used to call me every half an hour concerned about me. I understand their concern, but I was more worried about the panic the news channels were creating. While they were providing so much coverage about the incident, all they could have done is provide information that other places are safe. But that wasn’t the case, and it shook the entire nation by more panic than ever.

I am not here do discuss or blame that we failed or neither it is the right platform to discuss some thing so critical and sensitive matter. Not only am I concerned but am looking forward as to how this issue would be tackled. I have been following the news channels for some time now and all I could see is that they are just repeating what has happened. The entire nation has seen what has happened, we are not longer looking for that. We are looking for our so called leaders, as to what decisions they are taking and how they are going to lead the nation. I don’t believe in politicians, but for this once I want to be wrong. I just heard that some ministers and some top ranking officials have resigned, come on people buckle up, this is not the time to run away from problems nor it is the time to blame themselves. You people know the rules of the game so play it and show the world that we have not lost, we fill fight and strike those who spread terrorism. We have been a peaceful nation for ages and let me tell you we are not push overs, our friendliness should be taken for granted, people should be taught what the repercussions would be when they strike innocent people or countries.

Let us mourn for those innocent who are dead and those gallant soliders who lost their lives saving the innocent.