Saturday, January 2, 2016


Not far in the past the organizations started realising that pricing is a very crucial factor in the Indian economy and started working on backend process to reduce costs/process improvements/efficiency improvements. At the same organizations also started coining a new jargon to Expel People from Organization. This jargon is famously quoted as "CULTURALLY MISFIT".

While the intention of introducing such jargons by top management in organizations was Noble, people/managers started interpreting this the wrong way. Managers have started misusing such tools for targetting people who do not align with their thought process and in the process branding individuals as "CULTURALLY MISFIT". So anyone, who does not align with their bosses thought process is immediately seen as a Misfit. Of course the case would be different if the manager appreciates such thought process.

The beauty of this jargon is, it is highly subjective and can be interpreted anyway which would suite a situation or individual. And the worst part is that the individual who is branded does not have a say in this regard. He is a mere spectator, and he is being judged based other individuals feedback (usually the manager).

With organizations hiring people from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicity to boost their revenues (Organizations hire because they see a potential in the individual to develop business or add money to the organization – And DO NOT BELIEVE that they hire to maintain cultural diversity and all such nonsense. Paying salary is not charity, it is business), they fail to understand the repercussions and the trauma that an individual goes through when they are branded as CULTURALLY MISFIT.

While i agree that Organizations cannot change their thought process for an individual, but are organizations so self involved that they cannot appreciate an individual for being different. Are organization culture so rigid that they turn into religious radicals and outcast and brand individuals who are not part of their culture. Of course religious radicals have the courage to accept what they do, but organizations hide behind jargons like "Culturally Misfit" for their actions.

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